Edmonds-Woodway High School Music Boosters

Help Save Music!

Help Save Our Music Programs!
Several additional teaching hours have recently become available and district leadership will decide their allocation. We need to convince the ESD Board to direct some of those hours to our music program or we lose our three foundation classes – Concert Orchestra, Concert Band and half a year of Jazz 2. Click here for more information about district-wide cuts to our music programs.

Attend the Next ESD Board Meeting
Plan to attend the next ESD Board meeting on and sign up to speak. Numbers count! We have to urge district leadership to fully restore our music programs across the district.
When: June 6 at 6:30pm (sign up at 6pm to speak)
Where: 20420 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Speak Out!
It is very powerful to hear firsthand from students, alumni, families and community members what music has meant to them. Advocacy also looks great on resumes and college applications. Encourage your students to sign up to speak at the next ESD Board meeting.

Write Letters!
Take action today and write to our school district leadership imploring them to allocate some of their newly added teaching hours to restore our cut music classes. Your voice can make the difference! Our students deserve the opportunity to fully develop their musical skills. Don’t wait!

ESD Board
TO: MinerR@edmonds.wednet.edu
CC: chaseca@edmonds.wednet.edu; kilgored952@edmonds.wednet.edu; nobleg@edmonds.wednet.edu; smithk382@edmonds.wednet.edu; KatimsN@edmonds.wednet.edu

ESD Cabinet
TO: selliel812@edmonds.wednet.edu; schwabg@edmonds.wednet.edu; geaslend338@edmonds.wednet.edu; baumgartnerr@edmonds.wednet.edu; vergarav@edmonds.wednet.edu; joungh372@edmonds.wednet.edu; gonzalezl795@edmonds.wednet.edu

EWHS Principal & Vice Principal
(Allison Larsen & Paul Miller)
TO: larsena@edmonds.wednet.edu; millerp280@edmonds.wednet.edu

About Advocacy
For many students and their families, fighting for our music programs is their first venture into the world of advocacy. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others and make a real difference in our school district.

A commitment to advocacy shows that you are passionate about important issues and deliberately working toward the betterment of your community, or society at large. It can highlight your leadership and communication skills, as well as your ability to bring about change. College admissions officers and employers often value individuals who have a strong sense of social responsibility and actively commit to taking positive action.