Edmonds-Woodway High School Music Boosters

Cuts to Music Programs

Specific Information About District-Wide Cuts to Our Music Programs

  1. 8 of 12 High School music teachers are being surplused for next year, with a reduction of 23% of all HS music classes (in addition to the cuts over previous years).

  2. Edmonds School District is scheduled to have only two full-time HS Music positions in the entire district next year. Some of these cuts are being made because of reduced enrollment numbers, but many are not.

  3. The music numbers at Edmonds-Woodway HS and Madrona K-8 remain stable, yet they are cutting .4 FTE and .3 FTE respectively. (Madrona got back .1 so this is now .2)

  4. The only Middle School orchestra at Madrona K-8 was originally eliminated, but has now been restored due to advocacy!

  5. Edmonds-Woodway HS is losing Concert Orchestra, Concert Band and half of Jazz Ensemble 2. Our premier vocal group the Mello-Aires was originally on the chopping block, but has now been restored. The Mellos recently won their entire division and the overall sweepstakes at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in April.

  6. The Mountlake Terrace HS Jazz 2 band placed first in their division at Lionel Hampton, yet that fully enrolled class for next year is scheduled to be combined with other band classes. A similar solution is proposed at Edmonds-Woodway HS and Meadowdale HS.

  7. The music numbers at Lynnwood HS and Meadowdale HS will be increased for next year, yet they are reducing .4 FTE and .6 FTE respectively.

  8. There will be no Choir options at all at Mountlake Terrace HS, Brier Terrace MS or Madrona K-8 next year.

  9. Meadowdale MS cut a section of 7th grade band, and now has 84 students enrolled in the one remaining section – the solution, reduce the number of students or cut the Jazz band to divide the 7th grade band into two sections.

  10. At Lynnwood HS, Jazz Ensembles I and II are currently collapsed into one section, with 81 students in one jazz band.