Edmonds-Woodway High School Music Boosters

Board and Volunteers

2024/25 Executive Board

  • President – Jennifer Castle
  • Vice President – Shannon Alyea
  • Secretary – Doug and Michelle Christensen (1 vote)
  • Treasurer – Chan Oeurn

Appointed Board Positions for 2024/25 School Year

  • Advocacy and Outreach – Jennifer Castle
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Rachael Garrett
  • Content Writer – Kristina Jipson
  • Website & Social Media – Toni Bosman (alumni parent staying on in interim; volunteers needed)
  • Graphic Design – Toni Bosman/Sarah Ignatenko
  • Sponsorship – Cori Taniguchi
  • Outreach/Gig Coordinator – OPEN
  • Band Liaison – Fuad and Ikuko Wadud
  • Orchestra Liaison – Chino Shaver
  • Choir Liaison – Becky Wilcox
  • Event Videographers – Tianshu Zhao, Chino Shaver, Toni Bosman, Doug and Michelle Christensen & others
  • Event Photographers – Chino Shaver, Toni Bosman, Doug and Michelle Christensen & others

Event Specific Leads/Volunteers (open until filled)

  • Big Band Swing Dance, 3/14 – Kristina Jipson
  • Barn Dance, Fall – OPEN
  • End of Year BBQ, June – OPEN
  • Winter Benefit Concert 12/3 – OPEN
  • Craft Fair, Dec – OPEN
  • Citrus Sale, Nov/Dec – OPEN
  • Hot Java Cool Jazz 3/28 – OPEN
  • Orchestra Retreat, Fall – OPEN
  • Band Retreat, Fall – OPEN
  • Choir Retreat, Fall – OPEN

Our music program depends on the support from music families and supporters. If you have a student in the program, please get involved. We need your help. You can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like!

If you are interested in helping out, please submit your information via our online contact form and add the words “Volunteering” or “Board Position” in the comment box. A team member will get in touch with you shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to submit a volunteer application with the school district if you will be working directly with students.