Edmonds-Woodway High School Music Boosters

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Please show up in support of Music at the next School Board Meeting until the final July 2024 vote. Their schedule can be found at https://www.edmonds.wednet.edu/our-district/school-board/schedule-of-board-meetings

It is important for music advocates district wide to speak on behalf of our programs.  Arrive at 6:10pm to sign up to speak.

We are specifically concerned with building level cuts, cuts to Middle School Music and other electives, and 5th grade ensembles.

Links from Save the Music Community Meeting
Click the link to view a recording of the one hour meeting.
View the presentation slides here.

The topic of unfunded mandates came up during the meeting. Here are two resources you can read about how the state should fund these mandates. The letter was shared in early 2024 and King 5 referenced it in their article.

The Foundation for the ESD has a proposal to develop an Arts Endowment. If approved, bridge funding could be raised as a first phase to hold off the cuts!

We already know that 5th and 6th grade ensemble music is being looked at for a district-wide cut. In a few weeks, each school Principal will develop their staffing plan and courses that will be offered for next year. They will also be given their budget for teaching (called FTE, 1.0 FTE means one full-time equivalent position). This is the time that individual school classes can be cut.

Last year we saw some big changes in our music program due to our building cuts:

  • Jazz 2 was reduced from a 1 year class, to 0.5 year.
  • The concert band and symphonic band were combined into the same ensemble, which is a larger class with a wider variety of skills.
  • The concert orchestra was combined with symphonic orchestra, creating a very large and diverse leveled orchestra.

Our teachers have done a fantastic job adjusting their programs to accommodate these changes while still serving each student, but it not an ideal situation.

Enrollment levels are cited as the reason for classes being dropped or combined, however last year the need to reduce budget superseded enrollment in some cases, and larger classes were combined to make very large classes.

If you care about the future of Ensemble Music in our district, please send emails to the different groups below.

There are a number of ways for your voice to be heard, and a few different audiences (email addresses for each group are at the bottom of this page).

  • Email School Board Members. The ESD School Board is comprised of elected officials that are the link between the school and community. We should share that we need their support to keep programs that achieve the district’s goals intact.

  • Email letters to the Superintendent and her cabinet. This group is responsible for balancing the budget, not an easy task. There are many budget items that cannot be moved or reduced, making the task harder. Advocacy to this group should entail how program cuts effect your student and what you would like to see them do instead.

  • Email letters and phone calls to the elected officials in your district. While we appreciate very much the bills that were passed in this short session that benefit education, there is widespread agreement within the state that the current funding model for K-12 education is antiquated and leaves many districts, including ours underfunded. Copy all legislatures on email.

    The Edmonds School District encompasses three legislative districts (21st, 32nd and 1st). There are NINE legislatures, therefore NINE voices that speak for US in Olympia.


    • Please do not attack the administration, school board members, or legislatures! It does not help you be heard.

  • Prepare your statements well, and include the following:

    • A short statement of how these cuts affect your student
    • Any comments you have about the broader effects of these cuts
    • Exactly what you are asking for
    • If appropriate, potential alternate solutions to the problem


Superintendent Email: MinerR@edmonds.wednet.edu
Assistant Superintendent Email: Schwabg@edmonds.wednet.edu

Edmonds-Woodway High School
EWHS Principal: larsena@edmonds.wednet.edu
EWHS Assistant Principal: MillerP280@edmonds.wednet.edu
Find any district staff member here: https://www.edmonds.wednet.edu/directory

Use the District Finder to see which district you are in: https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/

State Legislators Representing the Edmonds School District
The Edmonds School District (ESD) falls in three Legislative Districts (LDs) –1st, 21st, and 32nd

Marko Liias, 21stSen.Marko.Liias@leg.wa.gov
Jesse Salomon, 32ndjesse.salomon@leg.wa.gov
Derek Stanford, 1st – derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov

Senate Legislative Assistants
Jeremy Knapp, 21st – jeremy.knapp@leg.wa.gov (for Liias)
Pavi Chance, 21st – Pavi.Chance@leg.wa.gov (for Liias)
John Elder,  32nd – john.elder@leg.wa.gov (for Salomon)
Stephen Cardamenis, 1ststephen.cardamenis@leg.wa.gov (for Stanford)

Strom Peterson 21st – strom.peterson@leg.wa.gov
Lillian Ortiz-Self 21st – Lillian.Ortiz-Self@leg.wa.gov
Cindy Ryu, 32nd – Cindy.Ryu@leg.wa.gov
Lauren Davis, 32nd – lauren.davis@leg.wa.gov
Shelley Kloba, 1st – shelley.kloba@leg.wa.gov
Davina Duerr, 1st – davina.duerr@leg.wa.gov

State Representative Legislative Assistants
Amber Ceballos 32nd – amber.ceballos@leg.wa.gov (for Davis)
Ann Dasch, 1st – ann.dasch@leg.wa.gov (for Duerr)
Brian Haifley, 1st – brian.haifley@leg.wa.gov (for Kloba)
Samantha Cruz-Mendoza 21st, Samantha.Cruz-Mendoza@leg.wa.gov (for Ortiz-Self)
Nick Spurlock, 21st – Nick.Spurlock@leg.wa.gov (for Peterson)
Shoubee Liaw, 32nd – Shoubee.Liaw@leg.wa.gov (for Ryu)