Edmonds-Woodway High School Music Boosters

Citrus Fundraiser Brings Sunshine in a Box

The Edmonds-Woodway Music Boosters has a delicious and healthy fundraiser that will benefit both the EWHS Music Program and the Edmonds Food Bank.

We would like to bring some California sunshine to you in a box! You can get a 20-pound box of oranges, grapefruit or clementines — or a mix of all of them — directly from the farm.

The fruit is super fresh as it’s delivered quickly after it’s been picked and will have longer shelf life than fruit that you get from the grocery store. You’ll get fresher fruit at a more competitive price.

A 20-pound box contains about 44 oranges and will last up to two weeks if stored at room temperature, and longer if refrigerated. For a family of four, that’s a juicy orange — and a load of vitamin C — for everyone for 10 days.

Convenient online ordering is available now through November 14.  The fruit will be available in mid-December for pickup at Edmonds-Woodway High School. Date and time to be announced.

Order a box for your family, and share the love by including a box for the Edmonds Food Bank in your order. A volunteer from the Food Bank will be present during fruit pickup, and we will coordinate all purchases designated as food bank donations to them.


California Navel Oranges – $28 / Grapefruit – $28 / Clementines – $38 / Mixed box – $32 (A five percent credit card fee is applied to online orders by the fruit seller.)


Learn more about the farm…